Thankful November – Tips to Bring your Energy into this Moment


November has become a month of being thankful, which is fabulous. But by giving it only one month out of twelve, we then only give it one moment in our day out of millions of moments when being thankful is really important.

Why is being thankful so powerful?

Being thankful or grateful is a key piece to your energetic experience in every moment. The moment you are grateful for something (big or small) it pulls your energy into this moment and out of the past or future. Instantly! This moment is very powerful as it shapes your next moment. The past is done and the future isn’t here. This moment is where you create your next.

If you are feeling worried, stressed, agitated and overwhelmed – STOP. Literally, the moment you catch yourself in the past, worrying or focusing on something you don’t want to, stop that energy immediately. Instead focus on what you are truly grateful for in that moment. It can be something simple like a smell in the air or a comfortable chair or it can be more complex like an experience or person in your life. Whatever first pops into your mind is what you are grateful for, it is that simple.

Then feel what you are grateful for through your whole body, from the top of your head, down to your feet and into the Earth. Notice you will feel calm, centered and at peace. Probably happy too! Depending on why and what keeps pulling on your energy, you may have to do this several times in a small time span and note that each time what you are grateful for will be different. A new moment means new things you are grateful for!

The secret with being thankful and grateful…

You must really be thankful and grateful. You cannot pretend with energy. If you say what you think you should be grateful for, this won’t work. You have to let what you are truly grateful for into your being and in that moment, you are pulling your energy out of the past and future and into this moment.

Here is a video I made to help you with this on a boat in Hawaii this spring:

I am Grateful for __________.

This is the most powerful “I am” statement you can use to pull you back into the moment, where the power is. Don’t just say the words, feel the positive energy flow through your body. It is also important to tell the people in your life that you are grateful for them. We’re all together for a reason, let’s appreciate each other and our experiences together, good or bad.

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Happy Thanksgiving! May every moment be filled with thanks and gratitude!

In light & love,