Working with Lisa was an amazing experience! There was an incredible shift in perspective for me in such a short amount of time. All those years of carrying fears or negative thoughts around and she helped me let go of them. It is still a daily work to stay in the positive free space we created but I have the tools to do that! I also loved how supportive and caring she was throughout my work with her which made working with Lisa not so much like work…it was a joy and I am grateful every day!
CH, California

Lisa listens better than any person I know. She knows just when to speak up and even then it is only to give a very short sentence or pose a question. This is a great skill that I value as it allows me to start the process in my own way and move through my issue rather than simply acting and/or reacting to something someone has said. The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment is far greater knowing that I have applied the tools I have learned and navigated to a reasonable path versus someone telling me what to do.
CM, Ohio

Working with Lisa has been incredible! She has helped me to realize the power to live a balanced life lies within! I have worked with Lisa to address some deep and emotional issues which has cleared the way for a more balanced and defined future. Her understanding and guidance throughout our time together is always extremely warm and compassionate – there’s never any judgment. I felt understood and supported during our sessions and Lisa has also given me the tools to continue the work on a daily basis. The personal growth I have experienced during the time I have worked with Lisa is apparent and I have been better equipped to transition through a career change. There are times it’s helpful or necessary to have another’s perspective, and I am able to check in with Lisa from time to time and she is always so approachable and accommodating. I thoroughly recommend Lisa for anybody really wanting to take action to be the best they can be!
AH, California

In working with Lisa, I discovered new areas in my own business. To trust in myself, calm my inner self, listen to my body and to remind myself of the tools I can use in helping others as well.
TI, California

It was such a pleasure to work with Lisa! I use the tools she gave me daily…to stay in the moment, to stop and be thankful when I felt myself getting frustrated. My favorite tool was using light to fill me with positive energy. The first time I felt it was amazing! The first time I passed the light to my son was surreal. Today, I like to feel myself radiating with the light, to imagine it spreading from me to others around me without even having to think about it!
Lisa’s insight and guidance led me to explore my own intuitive powers, gave me the tools that would help me let go of the negative energy in my life and, finally, have allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to change my course into the positive, spiritual journey I yearned for!
AS, Colorado

Working with Lisa has brought me peace, confidence and strength. I knew these special gifts were inside of me, but Lisa helps to bring these to the forefront. I love myself and because of this I have more love to give. I respect myself and have respect for others. I am excited to continue on this wonderful journey with Lisa as my guide.
JS, California

There is so much to say about my experiences working with Lisa. Over the past four years I have changed too much to accurately describe. What I can say, is no matter where I am at or what I am dealing with, Lisa has guided me toward and taught me balance. Letting go of things that don’t matter, being open to new things, using my own intuition, staying in the present, it’s all part of balance. Because of this… my life, my being is well and happy. Thank you for sharing your gifts and for helping me return to balance!
RC, California