Online and In Person

Small group workshops are designed to help you practice what you are learning in a supportive, interactive, “hands on” environment. All workshops have energy work in them so participants can practice in a safe environment. Typically, participants are all working on similar items at some level energetically and the support of others in the workshop is helpful in creating shifts in your life.

Workshops are an affordable way to do energy work because it is in a group setting. For more details and to register for a workshop, click here.

Intuitive Energy Coaching:

“Alignment Session”- Energy Work for Getting in Balance

These energy work coaching sessions are for individuals or couples and energetically create shifts in your life immediately. If you are feeling over whelmed, stressed, stuck, lost, uncertain, unbalanced or would like help going through something in your life, “Alignment Sessions” can help.

“Alignment Sessions” are held over the telephone or Skype in 1 hour coaching sessions. In person can be arranged if you are in San Diego.

For more details and to pay for a coaching session, click here.

Energy Clearings:

Energy, Spirit, and Entity Clearings

These clearings can be done over the phone, Skype or in person if you are in San Diego.

Energy clearings often become a small part of the energy work Lisa does but this service is specifically for energy clearing of spaces, land, spirits, negative energies, entities, removing curses, etc.

Energy clearings focus specifically on clearing a specific thing and teaching you how to do it. In an Alignment Session, an energy clearing may be a piece of the energy work you do with Lisa that day but it is not the focus. If you aren’t sure if you should do an Alignment Session or an Energy Clearing, contact Lisa (Contact Us page) and ask her.

For more details and to pay for an energy clearing, click here.