September 2015 – Fears


September is turning out to be a month of overcoming your fears. You know, the ones that are keeping you from doing EXACTLY what you are supposed to be doing…and are not doing.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s only the 6th of the month and all the coaching I’ve done so far has been on helping people understand their fears so they can let them go.

Where Do They Come From?

Fears stem back to the Garden of Eden in written times and they’ve always been around. Fear has often been used to control people. It’s had a purpose. Even in prehistoric times, it may have kept you safe because you knew which animals were bad and you were afraid of them. Although it can probably be argued the animals could sense the fear and your presence anyhow, thus they weren’t helpful.

Many fears are from this life, TONS are from your childhood. These are easy to figure out. You remember that something happened and because of that, now you’re afraid of ______________. It’s very logical to you.

Other fears that are not from this life are a little harder to pinpoint. These fears are usually more intense because you don’t know why you have them. You are just afraid of heights, or small spaces, or being too intimate in your relationships. You just are these things and you don’t question it because you don’t understand it. You came in with it and so it is. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be free.

Regardless of where your fears come from, they are controlling you. Fears prevent you from doing things with your energy and they prevent you from truly doing what you are here to do.

How Do I Let My Fears Go?

There are actually sections in both of my books on letting go, so this is the bare minimum as I can easily write a whole chapter on how to let go.

1. Begin by being in a safe space. Be aware of what you are afraid of and why. If you don’t know why, ask yourself and see what comes to you.

2. How did this fear serve you? Appreciate that you had that experience, you learned from it and now you can let it go.

3. Let it go. Imagine it leaving you like smoke or like you are pulling out a weed. You can also fill that space with pastel colors or white (only!!!) or “I am” statements like, “I am free.”

4. If you feel the fear coming back, there is more letting go to do.

Sometimes we are able to let go of fears in this experience from other experiences because we are more objective in this life. For example in this life, you aren’t in small spaces so you can overcome it more easily here, thus why you’re aware of it now. So you can let it go.

Coaching & Books – Ways I Can Help You Let Go!

Individual or couple coaching sessions are available via phone, Skype, or in person if you are in the San Diego area: certificates are available and easy because you tell me what you’re getting them, I email you the gift certificate and your gift is done. How is easy is that?

Both books “In Light & Love” and “Energy Balance” are available on my website (purchase on my website to get a signed copy!) or on Amazon in print or ebook

Fear is really an illusion. As soon as you realize that, you’ve regained your power.

In light & love,