Energy Clearings

Energy Clearings

Energy clearings focus specifically on clearing a specific thing and teaching you how to do it. Lisa offers energy clearings to clear land, a house, a space or a person from either negative energy, spirit(s) or entities (negative energies or energies not from light). If something feels dirty but it looks clean, if  you feel like something is in a space, or if you are seeing something in a house and are ready to clear it, this is for you!

In order to clear the space, you have to have a right to clean that space. You can clear energy on your land, in your house, in your work space, in your body or in your children if they are under 16. Basically, in order to clear the energy and for it to stay clear, you have to have a connection to the space.

If you are interested in clearing a space that is not yours to clean, the person whose space it is must give permission or it will not work. The energy will just go back because the person “owning” the space is allowing it to be there and so it is there!

When doing an energy clearing Lisa will teach you how to create a safe space with White Light (God, Love, Light, Source, etc.) first. Then she will do the clearing and teach you how to do it at the same time. She will also give you some simple exercises or rituals to do the next few days in case the energy tries to come back. Sometimes entities or spirits from past lives may check back with you to make sure you really were done with it since Lisa is gone. If it does come back, it will go away immediately when you do the exercises or rituals Lisa will teach you to do. Spirits and negative energy usually do not require any follow up.

Lisa is able to do clearings from her phone (it is best that you are on a land line as the energy may try and interfere with a wireless connection if it does not want to leave) or Skype. If you are in or around San Diego, Lisa can come to your location, but there may be an extra fee for travel time depending on your location.

Energy clearings are 45 minutes or less. If we are going to go over time, Lisa will check in with you and see what you would like to do before she goes over that time. An energy clearing only takes moments to do, but teaching and answering questions varies per client. Additional time can be added at $50 per each additional 15 minutes if you chose to go over the 45 minute time frame. A price adjustment is not made for being done in less than 45 minutes because energy clearings take a lot of energy to clear them.

Price: $150.00