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Books – In Light & Love Series:

“In Light & Love: My Guide to Balance” – Book 1

This book is a reference for all the energy work Lisa teaches her clients. She created this book as a way to provide support to her clients after coaching sessions. Flip to the section of the book that will help you in a moment and use those tools to help you get back into balance or read the book from start to finish.

“Energy Balance: My Guide to Transformation” – Book 2

Lisa wrote this book to give you practical, energy work exercises you can use in any moment of any big and life-altering changes to help you flow through them. This book builds on her first book, “In Light & Love: My Guide to Balance.”

“Energy Awareness: My Guide to Balanced Relationships”- Book 3

This book builds on the energy work in her first two books and focuses on what is happening energetically in your relationships. What is at the core? The topics in this book are the ones she works with her clients the most on. Everything is energy, what are you creating in your relationships and how can you get them back in balance?