May 2015 – Moving Forward

Let it go and trust!

This year has been full of changes. Not so much the changes that you are consciously creating, rather it seems that many are dealing with changes that are literally being forced upon them in order to help them do more of what they’re here to do. (This means they are created subconsciously to stretch you and align you with a higher purpose.)

Honestly, I don’t know anyone right now who isn’t experiencing a huge unknown whether in the beginning, middle or end of it. So what does this mean?

It’s more important now than ever to let go of whatever is keeping you from flowing through this change, whether it’s stuff from this experience or past lives.

It’s time to trust that the Universe, God, Source, Light, Love (whatever you call it) literally has your back and that everything is going to work out in the best way possible. Not necessarily how YOU think it should work out (you only see a small slice of the pie!) rather the best way for you to reconnect with your path, purpose and passion in this life.

Whatever is happening in your life, you somehow set it into motion. We’re all being shaken up and the best approach is to literally (from a safe space in light and love) ask the Universe, “What’s the best next step for me?” “How can I align with my purpose?” “I’m ready!” Then work on letting go of whatever is keeping you frozen, stuck or fighting this inevitable (because it is going to happen, question is how easy can it be) change. If you’re local, this last poolside workshop can help!

Last Poolside Workshop from My Resort Spa Pool:  Sunday, May 31, 9-10 am

In case you don’t know, I’m moving. (Thus the no one is immune from change right now.) Don’t worry, I’ll have a perfect, new location for workshops, but this is the last one in my resort spa pool. So if this is something you’ve been interested in doing, now is your time.

This workshop is like a mini energy work session with Lisa, but in a group environment. Lisa will work with everyone as a group for the whole workshop except for an individual check in during the letting go part of the workshop. The maximum amount of participants for this workshop is 6.

Where: Poolside in San Elijo Hills (San Marcos, California). You can go into the salt water, heated pool if you would like. It’s amazing for letting go! Address will be emailed to participants. Cost is $40. More details on my website:

Coaching & Books

Individual or couple coaching sessions are available via phone, Skype, or in person if you are in the San Diego area: certificates are available and easy because you tell me what you’re getting them, I  email you the gift certificate and your gift is done. How is easy is that, especially for Mother’s Day!

Both books “In Light & Love” and “Energy Balance” are available on my website (purchase on my website to get a signed copy!) or on Amazon in print or ebook

May you go through the changes in your life from a place of peace and balance.

In light & love,