April 2015 – Spring Into Change

We are experiencing many changes right now whether it’s with relationships, finances or both. It’s time for you to look objectively at your life and see how you’re flowing with life and likewise how you’re fighting it.

Any part of your life that you are not flowing in is where you will be seeing hiccups in your life. If something isn’t aligned quite right or if things have shifted and you’re not on the right path, there are things happening in your life right now to get you on track. Right now you are literally springing into change whether you’re aware of it or not.

Instead of getting frustrated or irritated, look big picture. What patterns are you noticing and how many times have they come up in your life? How have you tried to “fix” this before and how did that support you? Is this the same pattern or has it changed at all? What can you do now to break free of this pattern? How can you get back on track and re-align with your purpose (which is also your passion).

Take time to look within and course correct. You may find yourself adjusting daily, things are shifting quickly!

“Becoming Aware of My Abilities” Workshop – Thursday, April 9, 9:30-10:30 am

I wasn’t going to do a workshop this month, but by request I am doing two.

This workshop is about answering your questions and strengthening your abilities. Topics can range from spirits, energy, past lives, curses, and more.  It just depends on what participants are interesting in learning about that day. Every workshop is so different!!!

Where: Poolside in San Elijo Hills (San Marcos, California). Address will be emailed to participants. Cost is $30. More details on my website: http://www.enbalance.biz/products-page/coaching_workshops/

I will also be doing an “Energy Balance” workshop  on April 25 from 9-10 am at The Spa at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Contact the spa for more details: http://www.theinnatrsf.com/sandiego_spa/

Coaching & Books

For more information on coaching sessions to help you get back in balance or to purchase my books, please check out my website: http://www.enbalance.biz/

Remember: Things are shifting in big ways right now.  How can you flow with your life and re-connect with your purpose? Everyone is literally springing into change right now. The question is am I fighting it or flowing with it?

In light & love,