December 2015 – Staying Present During the Holidays

It appears we are officially in the “Season Of Giving”, thanks to marketing! Most of us already give a lot. Be aware of what you are giving and what you are receiving in return to make it a happy experience for all. If you find yourself giving and not being happy about doing it, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Giving should bring you joy. Don’t feel that you have to give more to simply align with the marketing of the season.

Pace Yourself!

Don’t procrastinate, that will make it harder on you later. Rather pace yourself. Things seem to take longer this time of year. There are more people at the stores, more cars in the parking lots, more traffic, etc. Allow yourself extra time to do things so you aren’t stressed out, you’ll be more relaxed and you’ll have a better experience wherever you go.

Don’t over commit!

The holidays are already crazy enough without trying to cram in tons of stuff to do. If you’re doing too many things, you won’t have fun. This will just create unnecessary stress for you. If you commit to things you don’t really want to do, we all know you don’t really want to be there, so don’t do things you do not want to do.

Do things because you would like to!

This can be a huge concept. Do things you really would like to do- don’t just do them because you think you have to or someone else wants you to. If you do things you don’t want to do, you spend the whole time thinking about the stuff you need to do: shopping, gifts, errands, etc. If you do things that you would like to do, you will have fun and enjoy yourself during the holidays. In the end, we do all of this to make memories. Let’s make some good ones!

Have fun!

No matter what you celebrate this season, have fun doing it. If you get stuck in the hustle and bustle of the season and you do all the extra work to make it special for everyone around you, you’ll resent many things if you don’t enjoy it (& you’ll burn out). Enjoy what makes this season special for you. After all, it comes around once a year!

Take Time For Yourself!

Take time for yourself, it will help you recharge and be energized to do whatever holiday tasks you (or others) are adding to your daily schedule. It can be as simple as sitting down and quietly drinking a cup of tea, or watching a holiday candle burn. If you don’t think you have time for that, you have to slow down or this holiday is going to fly by. This is a fun time if you make it one!

Be Aware Of Your Energy!

This is the most important holiday tip. Be aware of how you’re using your energy, the energy you’re giving to other people (or taking from them) and how you’re letting the energy around you affect you. If you pay attention to what you’re putting your energy into, you’ll have more energy, you’ll feel more balanced and you won’t feel as stressed out with all the holiday craziness around you.

Balance your Energy this Holiday Season with a 30 Minute Intuitive Energy Coaching Session

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Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Remember, balance is possible during the holidays!

In light & love,