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Lisa Gornall offers Workshops, Intuitive Energy Coaching, Energy Clearings, Speaking at Events and she has written two books in the last year to support you in finding balance in every moment, no matter what is going on around you.

She teaches you and energetically supports you in balancing your energy from within so you do not become dependent on her, rather yourself. A safe place is always created for clients to work and reconnect with their own inner guidance. Every session is intuitively tailored.

Lisa was born with the ability to know why, where, and how each person stores energy within their body, how to release that energy, and how to reprogram that area with positive energy. She can also see, feel, sense and hear energy regardless of where you are located and without physically seeing you. Literally, Lisa becomes one with your energy and gets to the core of whatever is keeping you from being in balance. All energy work focuses on balance with the body, mind and spirit and becoming energy conscious.

Find A Workshop

Would you like to attend a workshop? Do you have a group who would like to attend a workshop? For more information Click here.

Books by Lisa!

Lisa is currently writing the third book in her “In Light & Love” series. The new book is on understanding your relationships energetically.

Learn practical tips and tools Lisa teaches her clients to stay in balance by reading “In Light & Love: My Guide to Balance.” Click here to get your book now.

The second book in her series, “Energy Balance: My Guide to Transformation,” helps you learn how to balance your whole being during big and life-altering changes.  Click here to get yours.

Experience an Intuitive Energy Coaching Session

The best way to understand Intuitive Energy Coaching is to experience it yourself! Contact us today to participate in an “Alignment Session” over the phone, Skype or in person if in the San Diego area and get your whole being back in balance. Click here to sign up.

Energy Clearing

Have a space to clear energetically? Have a spirit or energy to release? Does your child have an invisible friend or night terrors?  Lisa can help. Click here for more information.

Other Services Lisa Offers

Lisa is also available for guided meditations, speaking and working with teams or groups. Click here for some of her services.

For more specific information or to see how she can customize whatever energy work you are looking for, please contact Lisa. She is able to travel to work with you (for an additional charge) or you can work with her via Skype, the phone, or you can travel to her.