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Lisa Gornall offers retreats, workshops, Alignment Sessions, Energy Clearings, and she has written three books to support you in finding balance in every moment, no matter what is going on around you.

She was born with the ability to know why, where, and how each person stores energy within their body, how to release that energy, and how to refill that area with positive energy. Lisa can also see, feel, sense and hear energy regardless of where you are located and without physically seeing you. Literally, Lisa becomes one with your energy and gets to the core of whatever is keeping you from being in balance so you can be free. All energy work focuses on balance with the body, mind and spirit and becoming energy conscious. Clients feel safe, supported, empowered and say that the sessions feel magical.

Lisa teaches you and energetically supports you in balancing your energy from within so you do not become dependent on her, rather yourself. A safe place is always created for clients to work and reconnect with their own inner guidance. Every session is intuitively tailored and different. The goal of a session is to lift your energy up and to get you back in balance and back on your path, whatever that means for you in that session. Lisa does not judge you, you judge yourself enough! Everything Lisa does energetically while working with you is from a place of love and is to help heal and free your energy.

Finding an energy healer is difficult because it is hard to know who is a good fit for you and who can really help you. Trust your instincts. Your intuition will guide you. If you feel a person is a fit, then they are. If you want to run in the other direction, you really should! You should always feel safe with anyone that you do energy work with. You will always know when you should work with someone and when you should not. Timing is also really important. If you are not ready, no one will be able to help you. Once you are ready, the rest will flow as it should.

Clients say that they start working with Lisa at the perfect time for them. Perhaps you find her now and it takes you a little time to be ready to work with her. For others, they find out about Lisa and start working with her immediately. There is no right or wrong, only what is the right timing for you. Do not worry or be afraid of what Lisa will tell you. She will not tell you something you do not already know to be true and if you are not ready for something, she will not work on it until you are because otherwise it is not a good use of energy. Most of Lisa’s clients are new to energy work and they come to her because something in their life is not right anymore and they do not know what to do or how to begin to change it. When you are ready to work with Lisa you will know, and you will find that your sessions will not only feel magical but they will help you move along your path at the perfect pace for you.

What does working with Lisa actually look like? Every session is different because your energy is different. Whether on the phone, in person or on Skype, clients say it is like meeting with a good friend that supports you no matter what you say, how you feel or what you have done. Lisa will begin by asking you what you would like to work on. The moment you start talking, she becomes one with your energy and she will bring important energetic pieces to the surface that you do not mention or think to mention that will tie into why you are having a coaching session that day. There will be energy work, how much and how long depends on what you are working on. The energy work will involve some guided letting go, refilling with positive energy, affirmations and homework for you to keep practicing. You will leave your session feeling empowered and on track. You will feel peace, calm and relaxed like you had a massage, yet you were never physically touched.


How Can Lisa Help You?

Lisa works with individuals, couples, groups and celebrities. She works with her clients without having to physically see them or be near them, so you can be in a different state or even country. She can work via phone, Skype, in person (if you are local), or you can pay for Lisa to travel to you if you prefer in person at your location.

Often clients see Lisa when they are dealing with something they cannot energetically resolve on their own and they are ready to change whatever is bothering them. They feel stuck, trapped, unsure what to do next and they come to Lisa to get back in balance energetically. They get the tools they need for their situation, and they come back whenever they feel they should again.



Past lives, your childhood experiences and beliefs greatly shape your relationships today. Lisa helps you heal your relationships by becoming aware of the patterns and dances that are happening in them and teaches you how to shift them.

Whether you are beginning or leaving a relationship, she can help your relationship issues with family, significant others, friends, colleagues or with people that have passed. Lisa helps you connect with the experiences (current and past life), that are ready to shift. Then she helps you understand them, become aware of how you are holding that energy in your body, and she teaches and supports you in energetically healing them.


Balance is key with your body, mind and spirit to help you flow through life instead of struggling to get through it. In our fast-paced world, it is very easy to feel energetically out of balance, stressed or overwhelmed. Our culture actually encourages it, while your body does not function well when you are out of balance. Lisa teaches you practical tools you can do daily to help you flow more through life, stay grounded, feel less stressed and more balanced, and help you sleep better at night.

Letting Go

Often you hold onto all your fears and “bad” experiences to help you remember not to do those things again. Energetically this makes you keep having these experiences that you do not ever want to do again, so that you can let them go and heal them. Letting go is not about forgetting, rather it is about healing and freeing your energy.

Lisa teaches you how to let go of the fears, anxieties and beliefs that are no longer serving you and how to refill that space with positive energy. The moment you let go, you instantly feel freer and you create a shift not only in this life, but in others as well.

Becoming Aware of Your Abilities

You have abilities and gifts; we all do. Chances are you just do not pay attention to them or use them. Lisa is able to energetically see your abilities and help you become aware of them. She also teaches you how to develop your intuitive abilities without being afraid of them.

Clarity During Big and Life-Altering Changes

Everyone is going through huge changes right now. Change is inevitable and essential but that does not stop you from feeling stuck, hopeless and unsure of which direction to go in.

Lisa tunes into your situation and helps you let go of the things that are holding you back, helps you find the best direction for you in this moment and gives you tools to help you through your change. Finding your balance during change is key to helping you flow through change instead of being stuck and miserable.

Living Consciously

Everything happens for a reason, all things have a purpose and everything is connected. If you are unhappy with the driver in front of you, that driver knows it. If you are throwing anger at someone, they know it just as they know when you are sending them love. Whatever thoughts you think become your words, they shape your actions and they become your reality.

Everything you are doing in your life is creating something. The question is what are you creating? Is it making you happy? Most of the time, you are not aware of what you are thinking and therefore creating. It’s like driving a car with your eyes closed. Lisa teaches you to become aware of your thoughts, where they come from (childhood, past lives, other people), and if they are no longer serving you how to replace them with new thoughts. She also helps you become aware of how your thoughts affect you instantly. “I am” is the most powerful statement you can make. What “I am” statements would support you the most right now?

Energy Clearings

Lisa is able to see, feel and hear spirits and energies. She helps you connect with them and release them whether they are in a home, body or a space.

For children, Lisa is able to help with invisible friends, monsters and night terrors. Please, do NOT tell your children nothing is there, there is something there. Children are very open and see them more easily than adults. Click here for more information on Energy Clearings.


Abundance is all around you and it is more than attracting in money and possessions. Abundance is everything from love, happiness, prosperity and experiences.

Unfortunately abundance is something that most people have a self-imposed limit with, meaning you subconsciously limit yourself. You believe this is all you can have, so when good things start to come in, you stop them, block them or sabotage them. Lisa can help you find the limiting beliefs you have, let them go, teach you how to let abundance in and how to change this pattern you have had your whole life. Your life is not meant to be limited. There is plenty for everyone, let abundance flow into your life.

All of the above are some of the things Lisa can help you with. Click here to learn more about signing up for an Alignment Session with Lisa today.

Books by Lisa!

If you want to enhance your experience in working with Lisa, she has published three books to help you do your energy work.

Learn practical tips and tools Lisa teaches her clients to stay in balance by reading “In Light & Love: My Guide to Balance.” Click here to get your book now.

The second book in her series, “Energy Balance: My Guide to Transformation,” helps you learn how to energetically balance your whole being during big and life-altering changes.  Click here to get yours.

The third book in her series, “Energy Awareness: My Guide to Relationships,” builds upon the detailed exercises in her first two books and focuses on understanding the energy exchanges in your relationships and how to get back in balance. Click here to get yours now.

Other Services Lisa Offers

Lisa is also available for retreats, workshops, guided meditations, speaking and working with teams or groups.

For more specific information or to see how she can customize whatever energy work you are looking for, please contact Lisa. She is able to travel to work with you (for an additional charge), or you can work with her via Skype, the phone, or you can travel to her.